Faculty/Staff Permits

Parking Registration

Parking registration will take place during the spring for permits valid the following fall. 
*note* registering during the spring will increase your chances of being assigned a permit in a preferred lot

  • Employees and Retirees who complete early registration will automatically receive an assignment for their current parking lot.
  • Assignments will be issued using the priority system. A description of the priority system can be found here.

Information on disability parking permits and paratransit can be found here

New Employees

New employees may purchase a parking permit by submitting the New Employee Request for services form and completing online registration
*note a UGA ID number is required to obtain a parking permit

  • New employees should visit the Parking Services office to obtain a permit.
  • If not eligible for payroll deductions, the permit must be purchased in full.

Retired Employees

Retiree parking registration will take place during the spring for permits valid the following fall. All retiree permits are pro-rated at 1/2 price and must be purchased for the full year.

Lot Changes

Requests for a lot change can be made by updating your waitlist. Waitlist assignments are made weekly throughout the academic year. Certain areas of campus have a higher waitlist priority than others. Please refer to the priority area map for more information on lot priority.

Reserved Permits

  • Reserved spaces are available to Deans, University Cabinet, and above who require exclusive access to a designated space during enforcement hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • The current cost is $60 per month (available on a 12-month basis only).

Multi-Access Permits

  • Multi-access permits are available to Deans, University Cabinet, and above who require access to multiple lots on campus.
  • These permits are issued on a limited basis as space allows.
  • The current cost is $60 per month and is only available on a 12-month basis.

Ramsey Permits

Ramsey passes provide 90 minutes of East Deck parking per day. Ramsey Passes are available to regular UGA Employees and UGA Dependents for $35 per year. The Ramsey pass must be paid in full at the time of purchase and is not eligible for a refund.

State Vehicle Permits

  • State Vehicle Gate (SVG) permits allow official University vehicles access to state vehicle spaces in all gated and non-gated lots.
  • State Vehicle operators are subject to all parking rules and regulations.
  • SVG’s are not permitted for use in personal vehicles.
  • Use the Departmental Parking Permit/Passes Request form to order a State Vehicle permit.

Department Passes

  • Departmental passes allow short-term parking for authorized personnel on official university business in a lot that is outside of their permit zone.
  • The DP is not a stand-alone permit, and is only valid in conjunction with a standard UGA parking permit.
  • The DP is not valid in the following:
    • N04, N05, S25, E09, E20
    • Tate Center Pay Lot
  • Up to two permits per department may be purchased with a Departmental Parking Permit/Passes Request form using a departmental account number. A request for additional DP's may be submitted to Parking Services.

Validation Passes

  • Validation Passes allow departments to validate the parking of guests and visitors in one of the campus pay facilities. These passes may be purchased with the Departmental Parking Permit/Passes Request form using a departmental account number.
  • Departments are responsible for properly informing guests/visitors where and how to use validation passes.
  • Paper Passes are only good in the following locations:
    • Tate Center Deck
    • S11 South Deck
    • N06 North Deck
    • E04 East Deck
  • Validation Codes for Paystations must be purchased for the following:
    • W05 Hull Street Deck
    • E20 Performing Arts Deck
    • S15 Carlton Street Deck

Daily Permits

Daily Permits are available for guests of departments in remote lots such as N01 Chicopee Complex, E13, E14, and E15 River's Crossing.