Priority System

The Priority System was devised by the Parking Services Department in 2002 to alleviate long years of traffic problems and overcrowded parking lots. In the past, permits were sold to anyone at anytime. The results were traffic jams, overcrowded lots and, in the end, frustration. Under the priority system, all permit holders are now guaranteed parking, and traffic has been reduced considerably. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the priority system.

Basic Description

The Priority System takes into account nine different user groups, which are further prioritized by different parameters. Students are scored based on their cumulative hours and housing status. Employees are scored by their BCAT code and days of continuous service. These factors allow our customized computer program to rank each applicant based on comparisons with others being considered for the lot. This system is not one of luck. It is important that all applicants understand the priority system and how it applies to them.

The majority of campus follows the Admin/Faculty priority scheme. Staff and graduate assistants are given priority in lower cost areas, while residents are given priority near dormitories. All user groups can select any parking area on campus. If higher ranking customers do not fill a lot, the lot will be available to lower ranking customers. For example, under the Admin/Faculty scheme, it is possible that undergraduate commuters will park in the same lot as staff, but only after staff have had the opportunity to fill the lot to capacity. Special requests, such as disability parking, reserved parking or multi-area parking, will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Priority System separates applicants by the following ‘user groups':

  • Senior Administration
  • Faculty
  • Administration
  • Staff
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Graduate Commuters
  • Graduate Residents
  • Undergraduate Residents
  • Undergraduate Commuters

Each lot has a different priority tier system:

  • Admin/Faculty
  • Staff/Grad Assistants
  • Housing
  • Staff

Within these four priorities each of the nine user groups is ordered according to their priority for the area. Those having the highest priority are at the top and those with lowest priority are at the bottom. The chart below lists the order of each priority.