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Bus Route Optimization Information

Previous routes on a map on the left, New routes on a map on the right.

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UGA Bus Routes Focus on Support and Efficiencies

To UGA students, faculty, and staff who ride our buses: Transportation and Parking Services worked with the Student Government Association (SGA) to evaluate and optimize campus bus routes in 2020. Student feedback, data collection, SGA surveys, and circumstances such as construction projects are a large part of the normal evaluation and planning process for any bus route changes.

Many routes were shortened to provide quicker and more frequent service through campus. We also worked with SGA to eliminate redundancies to allow more transit support in areas with higher ridership demand, to maximize the distance electric buses can operate per day, and to update the naming convention for all bus routes.  

Our team members are here to help you with your transportation needs. If you have any questions as you navigate the routes or want to learn more about alternative transportation options such as walking and biking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Watch this video to learn how to track the buses in real time:

Benefits of these route optimizations include:

  • Eliminating redundancies to allow more transit support in areas with higher ridership demand
  • Shortening bus routes to ensure buses get through campus more quickly
  • Maximizing the distance electric buses can operate per day resulting in increases in efficiencies and zero-emission transportation
  • Reduction in miles for buses overall to about 240 miles per day
  • Reduction of 5.5 metric tons of Co2 (37%)
    • Previous routes were estimated at 14.6 metric tons per day
    • New routes are estimated at 9.1 metric tons per day
    • Based on 17-18 electric buses on at all times