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Parking Rates


Parking Permit & Pass Rates


    Permit or Pass Type Fall
Spring   Summer   Full Year Monthly
    Red Zones* $200 $200 $80 $480 $40
    Blue Zones* $150 $150 $60 $360 $30
    Yellow Zones* $100 $100 $40 $240 $20
    Green Zones* $50 $50 $20 $120 $10
    Motorcycle & Scooter $50 $50 $20 $120 $10
    Reserved & Multi-Access - - - $720 -
    Vendor & Contractor - - - $720 -
    Ramsey Student Center Pass - - - $35 -


*View the Priority Parking Areas Map to find zone.

Additional Information:

Student Permits

Permits will be charged to the student's university account. Charges will be split into two payments and may be arranged through the Student Accounts Division.

Click here to learn more about student permits.

Faculty / Staff Permits

Employees paid by the University of Georgia may elect for their permit rate to be deducted monthly from their payroll or pay the permit rate in full at the time of purchase.

  • Ramsey passes provide 90 minutes of East Deck parking per day. Ramsey Passes are available to regular UGA Employees and UGA Dependents. The Ramsey pass must be paid in full at the time of purchase and is not eligible for a refund. Request a Ramsey permit here.

Click here to learn more about faculty and staff permits.

Motorcycle / Scooter Permits

A motorcycle or scooter permit allows you to park in any designated motorcycle or scooter space on campus.

  • These permits are $10 permit month and require a physical pass that can be picked up at the TPS Customer Relations Office.
  • You will have to register your motorcycle or scooter on your parking account. For scooters this requires the 16 digit VIN number.
  • If you need help registering, bring the VIN with you when you come to the office.

Other Permits

Non-UGA employees must pay for their permits in full at the time of purchase. All permits are prorated monthly on the first of the month. (Not including the Ramsey Pass.)

Click here to learn more about parking for contractors, vendors, and affiliates.


Parking Deck Rates

Visitors to gate-free parking decks can use kiosks to pre-pay for parking, or they may pay through the ParkMobile app, which is available for download on iPhone and Android devices. ParkMobile in-app transaction fees may apply.

    Time     Fee
    0-30 Minutes     $1
    31-60 Minutes     $3
    61-120 Minutes     $5
    Each Additional Hour     $1
    Maximum Daily Fee     $10
    Lost Ticket Fee     $10


Additional Information:

UGA Parking Decks

  • South Campus Parking Deck | Map View
  • North Campus Parking Deck | Map View
  • Tate Center Parking Deck | Map View 
  • East Campus Parking Deck | Map View
  • Performing Arts Center Parking Deck | Map View
  • Carlton Street Parking Deck | Map View


Special Event Rates

Designated parking is frequently offered for special events on campus.

Special Event Rate: $5

If you are planning an event on campus that will require parking for visitors, please complete a Special Event Application Form at least 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Football Parking

The Special Event Rate DOES NOT apply to parking for UGA Football games. For more information about Gameday parking, click here.

Departmental Rates

UGA departments only 

    Permit or Pass Type     Fee
    Validation Pass     $4 per pass
    Daily Pass (used in remote locations)     $4 per pass
    State Vehicle Gate Permit     $50 per year
    Departmental Pass     $150 per year


Additional Information: