Parking Permits and Passes 

Student Permits: Permits will be charged in full to the students university account and payment may be arranged through the Student Accounts Division.
Faculty / Staff Permits: Employees paid by the University of Georgia may elect for their permit rate to be deducted monthly from their payroll or pay the permit rate in full at the time of purchase.
  • Ramsey passes provide 90 minutes of East Deck parking per day. Ramsey Passes are available to regular UGA Employees and UGA Dependents. The Ramsey pass must be paid in full at the time of purchase and is not eligible for a refund.
Other Permits: Non UGA employees must pay for their permits in full at the time of purchase. All permits are prorated monthly on the first of the month. (Not including the Ramsey Pass)
Permit Type Spring Exp. Summer Exp.
Red Zones  $360 $480
Blue Zones $270 $360
Yellow Zones $180 $240
Motorcycle or Scooter   $120
Reserved & Multi-Access   $720
Vendor-Contractor   $720
Ramsey Pass   $35

Parking Deck Rates

  • South Campus Parking Deck
  • North Campus Parking Deck
  • Tate Center Parking Deck
  • East Campus Parking Deck
  • Performing Arts Center Parking Deck
  • Carlton Street Parking Deck
Time Fee
0 - 30 Minutes $1.00
31 - 60 Minutes $3.00
61 - 120 Minutes $5.00
Each Additional Hour $1.00
Maximum Daily Fee $10.00

Special Event Rates

Event Fee
Football Games $20 per game
All other campus events $5.00

Departmental Rates

(UGA departments only)
Item Fee
Validation Pass $4.00 per pass
Daily Pass (used in remote locations) $4.00 per pass
State Vehicle Gate Permit $50 per year
Departmental Pass  $150 per year