About the Alternative Transportation Program

UGA Transportation & Parking Services encourages and supports the use of alternative forms of transportation such as walking, bicycling, carpooling and using public transit. As an incentive to promote the ATP program, TPS provides free parking  in designated locations for those who primarily use alternate transportation to access campus (not available to UGA residents). Customers may qualify for an ATP permit, which allows deck parking on one or two days per month (except August) to use on rainy days or as otherwise needed. ATP participants will not be eligible for a regular permit unless they are a carpool driver.

Designated locations include:

  • E04 (East Campus Park Deck)
  • E20 (PAC Deck)
  • S15 (Carlton Street Deck)
  • HSC (Health Science Campus Visitor Lot – Oglethorpe Ave)

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Biking, Walking, and Buses

Those biking, walking & riding an Athens Transit Bus as their primary means of getting to campus will receive 22 days of free parking per year in designated locations (distributed 2 uses per month September – July).

Carpooling, Motorcycles, and Scooters

Carpool participants and those choosing to only use a motorcycle, moped, or scooter will receive 11 days of free parking per year in designated locations (distributed 1 use per month September – July).

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