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Departmental Permits

State Vehicle Permits

  • State Vehicle Gate (SVG) permits allow official University vehicles access to state vehicle spaces in all gated and non-gated lots.
  • State Vehicle operators are subject to all parking rules and regulations.
  • SVG’s are not permitted for use in personal vehicles.
  • Use the Departmental Parking Permit/Passes Request Form to order a State Vehicle permit.

Department Passes

  • Departmental passes allow short-term parking for authorized personnel on official university business in a lot that is outside of their permit zone.
  • The DP is not a stand-alone permit, and is only valid in conjunction with a standard UGA parking permit.
  • The DP is not valid in the following:
    • N04, N05, S25, E09, E20
    • Tate Center Pay Lot
  • Up to two permits per department may be purchased with a Departmental Parking Permit/Passes Request Form using a departmental account number. A request for additional DP’s may be submitted to Parking Services.

Validation Passes

  • Validation Passes allow departments to validate the parking of guests and visitors in one of the campus pay facilities. These passes may be purchased with the Departmental Parking Permit/Passes Request Form using a departmental account number.
  • Departments are responsible for properly informing guests/visitors where and how to use validation passes.
  • Paper Validation Passes are only good in the following locations:
    • S11 South Deck
  • LPR Codes for Paystations must be purchased for the following:
    • E20 Performing Arts Deck
    • S15 Carlton Street Deck
    • Tate Center Deck
    • N06 North Deck
    • E04 East Deck

Daily Permits

Daily Permits are available for guests of departments in remote lots: N01 (Chicopee Complex), E13, E14, E15 (Rivers Crossing), N12, HSC and VMC.