Effective 7/1/23, Departmental Parking requests / purchasing process has changed to UGAMART.

Please contact your Department’s Business Office personnel to assist in making these purchases through UGAMART, or visit UGAMART as a shopper.

Department Permits

  • Departmental permits allow short-term parking for authorized personnel on official university business when departmental personnel need to use a lot that is outside of their permit zone. Use of a departmental permit to enhance an individual’s parking is considered personal use and is strictly prohibited. If this type of use occurs, the individual permit holder will be subject to penalty and the departmental permit will be revoked.
  • Departmental permits are purchased by the department and it is the responsibility of the department to manage the appropriate use of these permits just as it would protect any other item purchased using departmental funds. It is best practice for the department to maintain these permits in an office and sign them out on an as needed basis. Departmental permits should not be issued to individuals.
  • The DP is only valid when used in conjunction with a regular UGA permit. Alternative Transportation Passes are not permits and cannot be used in conjunction with a DP permit. The DP is only valid in regular spaces that are available to a permit holder for that lot.
  • The DP is not valid in the following:
    • Lots N04 and N05
    • Fire Lanes
    • Reserved Spaces
    • State Vehicle Spaces
    • Pay-By-Space Sections within E13 and E15
    • Designated Patient / Client Spaces
    • Customer Parking Spaces
    • Visitor Spaces
    • ADA Accessible / Disability Spaces (unless accompanied by valid state-issued placard)
  • Departments are allowed to request departmental permits of up to 10% of total FTE by major unit (i.e. 69000000 – Auxiliary Services Division; 68000000 – Facilities Management Division, etc.). A request for additional DPs must be addressed by written justification for business purpose by Dean / Department Head to be attached via Internal Notes in UGAmart for review by TPS Customer Relations Office.

State Vehicle Permits

  • State Vehicle Gate (SVG) permits are valid for official University vehicles only and available at a yearly charge. These allow access to state vehicle spaces in all gated and non-gated lots.
  • State Vehicle parking spaces are reserved for use by state vehicles only and regular spaces should not be used for state vehicle parking.
  • State Vehicles should not park in ADA spaces, ADA access areas, or otherwise block accessibility on campus. Any state vehicle doing so will be subject to violations and/or impoundment (towing).

Guest Codes

Guest codes allow departments to provide parking for guests in one of the campus pay facilities. These codes are purchased via UGAmart using a departmental account number.

North Deck Guest QR Codes

QR code can be used in the North Deck ONLY. A minimum of 10 uses/per order is required. Department is responsible for all usage costs.

South Deck Guest QR Codes

QR code can be used in the South Deck ONLY. A minimum of 10 uses/per order is required. Department is responsible for all usage costs.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) codes for Non-Gated Visitor Decks

To be used in LPR decks (E04, W05, S15, E20, STEM Deck, and Tate Deck). A minimum of 10 uses/per order is required.  Department is responsible for all usage costs.

Daily Passes

  • Daily Passes are available for guests of departments in remote lots such as N01 Chicopee Complex, E13, E14, E15 River’s Crossing, N12 and VMC.
  • These passes may also be used to accommodate departmental parking in areas farther from pay lots where space may be available.
  • These passes are purchased via UGAmart using a departmental account number.

Supporting University Departments

Parking Services will work with departments with unique parking needs and, whenever possible, develop solutions to accommodate these needs. Situations requiring consultation with management should be done in advance to allow communication, planning and agreement among all parties.

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