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Student Permits

Parking Registration

Parking registration will take place during the spring for permits valid the following fall.

Registering during the spring registration period will increase your chances of being assigned a permit in a preferred lot starting in the fall.

  • Assignments will be issued using the priority system. A detailed description of the priority system can be found here.
  • Assignments can be claimed for up to one week after the issue date. To claim a permit, payment and/or acknowledgment of acceptance is required.

Additional resources:

Waitlist Selections

  • Any student may register for any area on campus.
  • Certain areas of campus have a higher priority for students than others. Please see the priority area map here.

Lot Changes

Requests for a lot change can be made by updating your waitlist. Waitlist assignments are made weekly throughout the academic year. Certain areas of campus have a higher waitlist priority for students than others. Please refer to the priority area map for more information on lot priority.


Permit rates will be transferred to the Student Accounts division of the Bursars Office. Permits may be returned for credit before the first of any month they are no longer needed.

Park & Ride

Transportation and Parking Services offers a new lower-rate parking option to UGA students, faculty, and staff. The new Park and Ride lot (E23) is open daily from dawn to dusk for $10 per month. The lot is located at the corner of College Station and North Oconee Access Rd. UGA bus service is provided between the lot and campus every fifteen minutes from 6:55 a.m. - 7:40 p.m. Permit holders parking after 7:40 p.m. may use the IM Fields or East Campus Village bus stops. A map of the new location can be viewed here. 180 additional permits at the Park-n-Ride lot will soon be available to students, faculty, and staff. Permit holders affected by S06 lot construction will be given first priority to purchase these spaces.

Suggested Areas Based on Classification

Graduate Assistants/ Graduate Commuters/ Undergraduate Commuters 
(areas are noted with a Peach background on the Parking Map)

  • E01 - Intramural Fields 
  • E07 - River Road East
  • E12 - East Campus Road 
  • E21 - Intramural Fields Deck
  • N02 - Oconee St
  • N12 - O'Malley Lot
  • S14 - Foley Field
  • S21 - Family and Graduate Housing
  • W15 - Delta Phi Epsilon 

Graduate Residents/ Undergraduate Residents 
(areas are noted with a Purple background on the Parking Map)

  • E05 - East Village Deck 
  • N10 - Reed Hall
  • S23 - Rogers Road North
  • S24 - Rogers Road South 
  • S11 - South Deck
  • S18 - University Village East
  • S19 - University Village Central 
  • S20 - University Village West 
  • S22 - FGH Brandon Oaks
  • W02 - Morris Hall
  • W06 - Legion Pool 
  • W08 - Church Street
  • W09 - West Deck 
  • W11 - Oglethorpe House