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Priority System


What is the Priority System?

The Parking Permit Registration process uses an algorithm to assign permits based on a few user groups and parameters to streamline traffic and to distribute parking throughout campus. Individuals are ranked based on nine different user groups categorized by your relationship to UGA, which are further prioritized by different considerations based on the lot locationsEach parking location type has a different structure that prioritizes specific user groups (see chart below). Take into consideration where you fall within the priority system of the lot you are wishing to park in. If higher-ranking customers do not fill a lot, the lot will be available to lower ranking customers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the priority system that are not addressed below. 

Special requests, such as disability parking, reserved parking, or multi-area parking, will be considered on a case by case basis.

View the Priority System parking map here. (PDF)

How do I get chosen within the Priority System?

Students are scored based on their cumulative hours and housing status. Employees are scored by their employee classification (or BCAT code) and days of continuous service. Two people with the same housing status or BCAT code will be ranked based on how long they have been with UGA. The person here longer will be placed ahead of the other. 

These factors allow our customized computer program to rank each applicant based on comparisons with others being considered for the same lot. It is important that all applicants understand the priority system and how it applies to them to ensure the best chance of getting a preferred parking spot

What are the different categories?

Within the four types of lots in the Priority System chart, each of the nine user groups is ordered according to their priority for the area. Those having the highest priority are at the top and those with lowest priority are at the bottom. 

Chart that reads: (white box) Admin/Faculty — Senior Administration, Faculty, Administration, Staff, Graduate Assistance, Graduate Commuters, Undergraduate Commuters, Graduate Residents, Undergraduate Residents. (orange box) Staff/Grad Assistants — Staff, Graduate Assistants, Graduate Commuters, Undergraduate Commuters, Graduate Residents, Undergraduate Residents, Administration, Faculty, Senior Administration. (purple box) Housing — Graduate Residents, Undergraduate Residents, Senior Administration, Faculty, Administration, Staff, Graduate Assistants, Graduate Commuters, Undergraduate Commuters. (green box) Staff — Staff, Faculty, Administration, Senior Administration, Graduate Residents, Undergraduate Residents, Graduate Assistants, Graduate Residents, Undergraduate Commuters.

The Priority System separates applicants by the following user groups:

  • Senior Administration
  • Faculty
  • Administration
  • Staff
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Graduate Commuters
  • Graduate Residents
  • Undergraduate Residents
  • Undergraduate Commuters

Each lot has a different priority tier system:

  • Admin/Faculty
  • Staff/Grad Assistants
  • Housing
  • Staff

View the Priority System parking map here. (PDF)

Why do we have a Priority System? 

The Priority System was devised by the Parking Services Department in 2002 to streamline traffic and to distribute parking throughout campus. In the past, permits were sold to anyone at anytime, but as our campus grew, traffic jams, overcrowded lots, and frustration developed. Under the Priority System, all permit holders are now guaranteed parking in their assigned lot, and traffic has been reduced considerably.