Bicycling and walking are two great alternative ways to navigate campus. You can use the Map & Directions feature on the Campus Map in the UGA App to find walking and biking directions to any location on campus.


  • There are numerous walking paths to get you anywhere you need to go on campus.
  • Walking will often be a quicker transit option than you think.
  • It’s a great way to see all that UGA’s beautiful campus has to offer.


  • There are numerous bike lanes or paths to get you anywhere you need to go on campus.
  • Bikers are not required to have a permit to park or ride a bike on campus.
  • There are bike racks on all of the UGA buses to help you navigate campus even easier.
  • UGA reCYCLE is a need-based bicycle recycling and redistribution program for the UGA campus community. The program refurbishes bikes that were abandoned on campus bike racks and puts them in the hands of UGA students and employees who need them for transportation to and from school or work.
  • Check out this map (PDF) to see all of the bike rack locations around campus.

Bus Bicycle Racks

Bus bicycle rackUGA Transportation and Parking Services is working to provide bicycle riders with an additional resource to access campus by equipping their bus fleet with new bicycle racks.

In an effort to expand and promote alternative transportation, UGA Transportation and Parking Services partnered with the Office of Sustainability and identified transit bike racks as a way to make accessing campus easier for the individuals choosing to use alternative transportation such as walking, bicycling, carpooling and public transit.

The bicycle racks hold two bicycles at a time and take 15-30 seconds for riders to load and unload their bicycles. These bicycle racks are the same model that the Athens Transit Bus system currently uses which will allow for a seamless transition for riders utilizing both transit systems to access campus.

Please note that Bulldog Bike Share bicycles are not allowed on UGA bus bike racks.

How to Use the Bus Bike Racks

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