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Permit Parking

Parking Priority Map


Student Parking Priority Maps

Using the Parking Maps above, you can see what decks and lots you have a higher priority for by viewing the Priority System as well as how much each location costs. 


Faculty and Staff Parking Priority Maps


Additional Resources:


Park & Ride Map (PDF)

Our Park & Ride (lot E23) is located at the corner of College Station and North Oconee Access Road and can be accessed by the UGA buses and Athens Transit

Motorcycle Map (PDF)

  • Chicopee Complex (N01)- 3 Lots
  • Business Services Annex (N04)- 2 Lots
  • Human Resources (N04)
  • Staff Training & Development Center (N08)
  • Law Library
  • Wray Nicholson House/Alumni Association (W01)
  • Morris Hall (W02)
  • Main Library (N07)
  • Dean Rusk (N07)
  • Psychology-Journalism (N09)
  • Milledge/Payne Hall (N10)
  • Russell Hall (W10)
  • Hill/Church Hall (W11)
  • O-House (W11)- 2 Lots
  • Chemistry- 2 Lots
  • Barrow (S04)- 2 Lots
  • EITS/Statistics/Natural History
  • Ecology (S05)
  • McPhaul (S10)
  • Environmental Health Sciences (S09)
  • Davidson Life Sciences (S07)
  • Aderhold (S08)
  • Hugh Hodgson School of Music (E11)
  • Vet Med/Animal Health Research Center (S17)
  • Indoor Tennis Stadium (S16)
  • Driftmier (S16)
  • Ramsey 1 (E09)
  • Ramsey 2 (E03)
  • East Campus Village (E06)
  • University Village Buildings L/K (S18)
  • University Village Buildings H (S19)
  • Family & Graduate Housing/Rogers Road Buildings M/N (S23)
  • Family & Graduate Housing/Rogers Road Buildings P/Q (S24)
  • Health Center (E10)- 2 Lots
  • CAES Activity Center (E10)
  • Rhodes Animal Science Center (E02)
  • Riverbend Research Lab North (E13)
  • Central Food Storage (E13)
  • Environmental Safety (E13)
  • Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (E13)
  • Center for Applied Genetic Technologies (E14)
  • Rivers Crossing (E15)

Scooter Parking (PDF)

  • Chicopee Complex (N01)
  • Caldwell Hall (N05)
  • Main Library (N07)
  • Business Learning Center
  • Psychology-Journalism (N09)
  • Bolton/Legion Pool Lot (W06)
  • Russell Hall (W10)
  • O-House (W11)
  • Geography/Geology (S02)
  • Barrow (S04)
  • Greek Park (E12)
  • South Deck (S11)
  • Rankin Smith (S14)
  • Indoor Tennis Stadium (S16)
  • East Campus Village (E06)
  • Visitors Center (E10)
  • IM Fields (E01)
  • IM Fields Tennis Courts
  • Family & Graduate Housing/Roger Road Buildings P/Q (S22)
  • Environmental Safety (E13)
  • Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (E13)