License Plate Recognition Permits, or LPRs, are a convenient parking solution that simplifies parking on-campus. Your license plate is your permit!*

What This Means For You

No need for a physical permit
  • When you register for parking in an LPR Lot, your license plate is your permit.
Instant registration
  • With an LPR permit, you can register for parking from the convenience of your personal device and start parking immediately!
No need for temporary permits
  • If you are driving a different vehicle for the day, or a week, simply call Parking Services at (706) 542-7275 with the license plate number for the car you will be parking.

*LPR areas are indicated by signage at the entry and exit of an LPR lot. 

Important Information

  • All vehicles must be registered with Parking Services before parking. Unregistered vehicles will receive a $50.00 citation.
  • Students may register two vehicles. Temporary vehicles, such as rental cars will not count against the total number.
  • Only one of the vehicles registered to your account may park on campus at any given time. With the help of a new License Plate Recognition system, Parking Services can now detect when multiple vehicles registered to your account are parked on campus at the same time. Vehicles found violating this policy will receive a $50.00 citation for “Multiple Vehicles Parked.”

A full suite of parking services

Register for permits, view your permits, pay a citation or get support for your account.

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