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Student Permits

Parking Registration

Parking registration will take place during the spring for permits valid the following fall.

Registering during the spring registration period will increase your chances of being assigned a permit in a preferred lot starting in the fall.

  • Assignments will be issued using the priority system. A detailed description of the priority system can be found here.
  • Assignments can be claimed for up to one week after the issue date. To claim a permit, payment and/or acknowledgment of acceptance is required.
  • All communications will be issued via UGA MyID email

Additional resources:

Waitlist Selections

  • Students may register for select areas on campus via lot waitlist.
  • Please review the Parking Priority Map here to determine the areas that allow for the best chance of receiving a parking permit.
  • Requests for a lot change can be made by updating your waitlist. Waitlist assignments are made weekly throughout the academic year.


Permit rates will be transferred to the Student Accounts division of the Bursars Office. Permits may be returned for credit at any time for a prorated refund.

Permit Expiration/Renewal

Parking charges are sent by semester, your permit will renew at the end of each semester.

  • December permits will expire on December 31st and will not renew for the Spring semester.
  • May permits will renew in December for the Spring semester and will expire on May 31st.
  • July expirations will renew in December for the Spring semester and in April for the Summer semester.  
  • Should you no longer need your permit, please email to avoid any additional charges.

Please make sure you are selecting the correct expiration dates for your needs.