The UGA bus fleet is 100% accessible and fully ADA-compliant. Our buses, equipped with kneeling features and ramps, are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our community, with the capacity to transport two wheelchairs simultaneously.

To ensure the utmost safety and convenience, our UGA bus operators undergo thorough training, including annual sessions dedicated to the proper loading and securing of wheelchair passengers.

For those seeking personalized mobility assistance, UGA TPS also offers Paratransit Services.

Wheeled Mobility Devices Policy

Wheeled and seated mobility devices (WSMDs) are medical devices that are intended to provide mobility and function for persons with restricted or no ability to ambulate without assistance. Mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and motorized scooters are considered approved motorized devices allowed on UGA Buses.

The following motorized devices are permitted on the bus:

  • Motorized Wheelchair
  • Motorized Scooter for persons with mobility impairments

The following motorized devices are Not permitted on the bus (this is not an all-inclusive list for restricted devices):

  • Electric Skateboards
  • One Wheel Motorized Skateboards
  • Electric Scooters
  • Electric Motorbikes
  • Hoverboards

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